Marble (from the Greek : marmuros) is a metamorphic rock, formed as a result of the transformation of limestone or dolomite. The main component is a marble crystalline calcite or dolomite.

Until recently Stonemason also were among the marble stones such as travertine, onyx, or limestone. Currently, departs from this principle, presenting them as separate natural stone, which is closer to the proper determination of marble from the point of view of geology.

Marble occurs only in certain regions of the world. The largest deposits of marble are in Italy and Greece. In Poland, the marble is mined exclusively in the Sudetenland, in the Massif Śnieżnik. Two main varieties of marble "Polish" is White and Green Marianna.

The use of marble.

Already in ancient marble was used as a building material, architectural and sculptural. Nowadays marble is a luxurious material used for interior and performing sculptures. With marble is usually performed elevations, interior wall coverings and flooring (in the form of tiles or pieces cut to size) and window sills, kitchen and bathroom countertops, countertops, fireplaces and stairs. Becoming less common is to perform marble tombstones. Marble is a material that blends timeless with other finishing touches your home or apartment. Furniture, wall colors and other elements of your home or ornaments always good to be harmonized with marble regardless of the color.


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