Sandstone is a soft rock, easy to handle, especially if you make it just after the extraction of the material. Dried sandstone becomes hard. These features make the sandstone is used for centuries in the building industry. Carried out with the road metalling, cladding slabs, paving, crushed stone, chippings, aggregates broken concrete.

On the basis of color, in Poland the following types of sandstone:

- Red sandstone - the deposits are located in Lower Silesia
- Pink sandstone - is located in the Holy Cross Mountains
- Sandstone białokremowy - mined in Szydłowiec
- Sandstone and white squared - is located in Lower Silesia
- Sandstone gray and green - mined in the Carpathians.

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We also carry a full-service installation.

We will help you build a stone staircase, constructed facade, will adjust
and mount a counter in the kitchen and bathroom.

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